Don’t think outsourcing.
Think sourcing.
People you could
employ in the UK
  People you could
employ in the world
  Build My Team is a UK company that is highly experienced in sourcing teams of web developers and digital marketers in India, for agencies, media owners and in-house marketing departments.

This isn’t outsourcing but sourcing.

The team is trained and employed by you. We simply use our experience and our team on the ground in India to find the right people and look after all the admin, red tape and office space.

Why Build My Team?
There are many highly trained and experienced programmers, designers and search professionals living and working in India. They are at least as skilled as those in the UK, yet equivalent salaries are 10 – 20% of those here.

Many attempts to tap into these skills fail, usually either because they have outsourced to third parties, who are not conversant with the correct culture and working practices and who project manage and communicate poorly, or because of red tape and difficulty in finding the right teams.

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